ForestSAT2014 presentations are on line

LOGO_forestSAT_4_5 (1)Through the on line Open Conference System (OCS) all the presentations accepted for ForestSAT2014 oral or poster sessions are publicly available on line (so you don’t need to log in and all scientists or students can access to these contributions even if they will not participate to ForestSAT2014).
Presentations are stored with rooms and time blocks associated already. The links associated to each contribution provide access to the abstracts, and on line tools are available to print, download citations, write to authors,and for many more features. Start to surf in the presentations from the links at the bottom of the OCS ForestSAT2014 home page at and publicize it as much as possible.

Those contributions which are not yet available on line as “presentations” are still “in review” because none of the authors completed the registration process yet (including fees payment). These authors have to log in OCS, then clicking on the contribution they can check the “track” status to understand to which session they have been associated. Currently we have 94 presentations and 266 contributions still in review.

As soon as the registration is completed (this takes some days after the author completed the on line process due to bank time) the contribution is automatically promoted to the “presentation” status and is published on line. So if you want to start sharing your abstract on line, register as soon as possible from here!

I hope you will enjoy the system!

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