Some of the images randomly displayed in the header of the ForestSAT2014 web are taken from the DESKTOPOGRAPHY Exhibition at

cropped-geometree_1920x1200.jpg is from “Geometree” by Pete Harrison

cropped-pond_1920x1200.jpg is from “Pond” by Pete Harrison

cropped-bloom_1920x1200.jpg is from “Bloom” by David Mascha

cropped-absorb_1440x900.jpg is from “Absorb” by Gabor Tomasi

cropped-ambiental_1440x900.jpg is from “Ambiental” by Xtrabold

cropped-perk_1680x1050.jpg is from “Perk” by Nikolay Vanchev

cropped-n55e23_1920x1200.jpg is from “N55E23” by Nikolay Vanchev and Kim Koltermand

cropped-desktopography_3_800x600.jpg is from “Desktopography 3” by Mart Biemans

cropped-radix_1440x900.jpg is from “Radix” by Danis Sie

Would you like to see your image or map on the header of ForestSAT2014 web? Send it to us and we will give credit to your creation!

We gratefully acknowledge Alessandro Montaghi for the design of the conference logo.