How much does ForestSAT2014 costs?
ForestSAT2014 fees are specified here including what they include and what they do not include.

Do you provide financial support for participating to the conference?
We provide reduced fees for students. See the previous link for more information.


Is it possible to present more than one abstract?
For each contribution accepted as oral or poster presentation at least one of the Authors is expected to attend to ForestSAT2014. Each ForestSAT2014 attendee can present a maximum of two abstracts (orally or in a poster session).

How can I submit an abstract?
The on-line submission is available here. You need to log in the Open Conference System, to do so the first time you need to create your own account. Just follow the on-line instructions.

How should I have to format my abstract?
Just follow the authors guidelines here. You have to prepare an ASCII-only abstract (no figures, no formulas, etc.) within 200 and 1000 words.

When will I know if my abstract is accepted for an oral or a poster presentation?
As soon as we will close the abstract submission time we will start to organize the sessions.

Can I re-edit the abstract I have already submitted or should I have to submit a new one?
The Open Conference System we are using to manage the abstracts can be used to modify your submission. Just log-in -> click on the title of the abstract you want to modify -> click on “EDIT METADATA” -> change the information you want to modify -> click on “Save Metadata” before log-out.
Please ABSOLUTELY avoid the multiple submission of the same abstract in different versions.

Can I cancel or erase an abstract?
You cannot erase or cancel a submission. If you need to do so just send an email to info@forestsat2014.com specifying the #ID of the abstract you want to erase.

How can I see to which session my contribution was assigned to?
You can log in OCS at http://ocs.agr.unifi.it click on the contribution if it is still “IN EDITING” mode and look the track information. If the contribution is already posted on line than you can find it after log in OCS in the “ARCHIVE” tab.

Can I modify my contribution even if it is already published on line?
Yes you can. Just follow the previous steps and then click on EDIT METADATA in the SUMMARY tab of the contribution, remember to look in the ARCHIVE submissions instead of in the ACTIVE submissions.


Can you take care of hotel accommodation?
Yes we can search and reserve an hotel in Riva del Garda for you, at a walk distance from the Conference Venue. Start from here.

Can you take care of shuttles from/to train stations and airports?
Yes we can, please contact info@rivatour.it or call 0039 0464 570370