Journal Special Issues


The authors of selected papers will be invited to submit papers for a special issue of Remote Sensing of Environment.  Papers for this special issue may be submitted any time between acceptance of the invitation and the submission deadline that will be communicated to invite authors.  Some invitations will be extended after abstracts are reviewed, while others may be extended immediately following the conference.  The advantages of early submission are that the special issue will be published more quickly and that individual papers will be posted to the Remote Sensing of Environment website as soon as they are accepted which will likely be well in advance of the date the journal issue is actually published.



All authors of accepted ForestSAT presentations will have the opportunity to submit their paper(s) for a special issue of the European Journal of Remote Sensing. Authors interested in submitting a paper for the ForestSAT 2014 conference issue should follow the procedure described on the Journal’s web page at During the submission procedure, authors will be instructed to indicate that the paper is for a special issue by entering “ForestSAT2014 Special Issue″ in the “section” field. After submission the normal peer-review process will be followed. Accepted papers will be published as soon as possible. The time between submission and publication will be influenced mainly by the length of the review process.
Papers for this special issue are now being accepted. All submissions must be received by 31 December 2014.