Open Source geospatial tools for forest remote sensing


The hands-on course will be 4 hours long, and will be held in parallel to some paper and poster sessions at ForestSAT2014. The teachers will be Dr. Daniel McInerney and Dr. Pieter Kempeneers, both researchers in remote sensing and open source software developers applied to forestry.

The course will focus on processing of remote sensing imagery for forest applications using free and open source software (FOSS). The well known GDAL/OGR ( command line utilities will be explained in the context of image pre-processing and basic data analysis. In addition, pktools ( and the Orfeo Toolbox ( will be presented for more applied data processing. The course will include a hands-on case study on land cover classification and accuracy assessment.

Only ForestSAT2014 registered users are admitted, the number of participants will be limited to 50 people on a first-registered first-served basis. Those interested in participating are requested to:

(1) register at the ForestSAT2014 conference, contributing with 20 € fee to cover the organizing expenses (you will have to check the “FOSS in forestry” button during the on-line registration process);
(2) bring their own laptops with VirtualBox installed.